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Is BnbCare just another house cleaning company?
No, sir! BnbCare is highly specialized. We are experts in hotel housekeeping for short-term rentals - this means at every guest checkout, our housekeepers set the property with BnbCare pressed linens, towels, and toiletries and ensure a 5-star cleaning rating
How much lead time do I need to book BnbCare?
We are staffed to support same-day bookings. However, our best customers reserve service days immediately when guests confirm reservations in order to avoid last minute scrambling. We also do require a small $25 service charge to accommodate bookings made after 10 pm the night before or same-day. In addition, bookings made after 9 am the day of service are not guaranteed to be serviced by the designated time.
Same day checkout-check-in - that a problem?
We love this. It means you're likely near or at capacity and we're here to help! Be sure to choose a specific time when booking your service if you have a late check out or early check in.
Can I pick a specific time of day for service?
In order to guarantee the quality of our service - and to route housekeepers throughout the city - we have an arrival window of 10 am - 2:30 pm. For larger properties, we will arrive between 10 am - 12 pm. In either case, we will be out by 4pm for guest check-ins!
Can I put the BnbCare brand (logo & name) on my website and/or marketing materials?
Yes. Of course! Please contact us at +1 604-330-2030 to request the files.
What does BnbCare not do?
BnbCare does not do yard work, gardening, remodeling, or full property management. Please contact us if the area you would like to have cleaned is not in our current options of add-ons.
What if BnbCare cannot access the property (due to guests or incorrect access info)?
BnbCare Housekeepers will wait up to 30 minutes while we try to reach you to resolve the issue. If we cannot resolve the issue in 30 minutes, however, we will move on to another property and charge a $25 no-access fee to compensate our housekeepers for their time.
Do I need to be present when housekeeper arrives?
The true value on a BnbCare partnership is that we fully automate the turnover so you do NOT have to be there. We can simply make a copy of your key & fob right after initial meeting to be used by our housekeepers moving forward. That being said, it's totally up to you!
How do I edit or cancel a service day?
To cancel, please call our support line at +1 604-330-2030.
What if I have specific instructions?
The more information you give us, the better! Use the "Additional Instructions" text box when booking to let us know what you expect of us (e.g. restocking, paper products, Q-Tips, cushion placement, etc.)
Can I request a specific housekeeper?
We hold each of our team members to the same high standards. And, when you partner with us, you are benefiting from the expertise of the BnbCare family - not just 1 individual in it - and our 100% guarantee. So, though you may see the same housekeepers on occasion, we cannot promise the same person or team each time.
What if BnbCare housekeepers can't enter my home (because I am unavailable to help)?
BnbCare Housekeepers will wait up to 30 minutes. If more time is needed, please call the BnbCare Support line and we will reschedule the clean for you. To compensate our Housekeepers for their 30 minute wait, we will charge a $25 no-access fee.
Do you do daily turn service for a guest?
Yes, of course! Please call +1 604-330-2030 and ask to speak to someone about Daily Service.
What if my guests want extra sheets or towels?
Our linen & towel sets should cover 99% of all situations. However, if you have unique guest needs and require additional inventory, please call +1 604-330-2030 and to make a special request.
Will BnbCare restock my supplies?
Of course. Please make sure to describe where everything will be and to provide any specific instructions that are unique to you or to the property.
How does it work for non-exclusives?
The only difference is that we require 2 service dates per guest stay - at check-in and again at checkout.
Why does BnbCare need to come at checkout?
After a guest stay, soiled linens and towels must be collected in order to prevent inventory from deteriorating. If you don't want us to re-set the home with our fresh inventory, we'll clean up after guests and set the home with your linens and towels.
What if the property is already clean and only requires linens, towels, and toiletries?
We call this a "Staging." This is a check-in service for non-exclusive rentals and includes setting your property with linens, towels, and toiletries and will restock consumables, if required. To request a Staging, simply switch house cleaning to "off" as you are selecting dates and services. We want your guests to be delighted and surprised when they enter your property so we'll also do some light dusting and spot cleaning! NOTE- don't forget to also select the checkout date, too. We'll need to recover our soiled linens and towels, clean, and re-set the home with your linens and towels.
My clients (the owners) use their own house cleaners. What then?
Feel free to set up a call with a BnbCare Account Manager and your client in order to help them understand the value of partnering with a hotel turnover service for housekeeping plus lines, towels, and toiletry products. Please also let the owners know that we'd like to hire their people and give them higher earning potential!
I’m dissatisfied with the service. What's next?
BnbCare guarantees a 5-star experience for your guests. If you notify us same day, we will send our housekeeper(s) back right away to ensure the job is done to your (and our) standards.
What if there is damage from guests?
Upon arrival, we photograph and document any property damage and inconsistencies. The photos are then loaded into your BnbCare online dashboard to give you ample time to file a claim with your booking platform (e.g. Airbnb, VRBO).
Who are your housekeepers?
BnbCare housekeepers are experienced independent contractors that we are proud to call our family. Each is carefully screened for 2+ years of experience, vetted, background-checked, and is "certified" to ensure your guests experience a 5-star experience.
How do Linens & Towels work?
BnbCare has partnered with linen & towel suppliers and hotel commercially laundering facilities. Our high quality products are laundered, pressed, packaged in sets, and delivered to your property on day of service by our housekeeping teams. At every checkout, we're removing soiled inventory and resetting your property with fresh inventory, turning the property into a 5-star hotel experience!
What is in a Linen & Towel set?
Please visit our Services & Pricing page for all product details.
Why use BnbCare inventory and not my own?
When doing multiple turns every week (and sometimes every week), and laundering inventory in in-home units or at a Laundromat, high quality products begin to breakdown immediately, affecting how the feel against the skin. This is largely due to chemicals used and insufficient rinse times. With BnbCare, you'll never have to finance inventory again and you ensure your guest experience is top notch ... every time.
Will BnbCare launder my linens and towels on site?
BnbCare brings sets of commercially-pressed, hotel-grade linens & towels at every guest check-out, thus eliminating the need to do laundry on site. However, we offer to launder your linens and towels at our off-site laundry if needed.
I have BnbCare linens and towels at my property and have not had the property serviced in nearly a month. What should I do with the soiled product?
You should schedule a service as soon as possible. Simply deselect linens and towels when booking this service and we will perform the services and collect our linens and towels. If the soiled product is not returned to us within 30 days of the last service, we will charge your default payment option $150 per outstanding set of product.
What is an Exterior Clean?
For $50, we'll clean all balconies, patios, and pool areas.
What if I just need a balcony or patio cleaned outside?
After selecting a service date, you'll be able to choose additional service (e.g. Patio, Balcony, Exterior windows, and Exterior cleaning).
What if exterior windows are hard to reach?
We'll do our best, in every situation. However, we take the safety of our housekeepers seriously and have instructed them to prioritize safety whenever there is a question.
Does BnbCare clean pools?
For other home services (e.g. landscaping, gardening, pool maintenance), we recommend securing a professional service provider that specializes in these areas.
Payment methods?
All major Credit Cards. We allow unlimited payment choices per property and even per individual service booking.
When do I get charged for services?
BnbCare automatically charges your account each day, after service has been completed.
Does BnbCare offer payment terms?
Currently, no. But, it is something we're thinking about. Please let us know if this is important to your business.
Cancellation Fee?
There is no fee for canceling if done before 10 pm the night before your scheduled booking. However, a cancellation made on the day of or after 10pm the night before will be considered a Last Minute Cancellation. In this case, your account will be charged the greater of $25 or 20% of your booking.